Alfalfa seeds
Bullet Blender® homogenization protocol

  • Extract molecules (DNA, RNA, protein, chemicals)
  • Dry final product
  • Sample sizes: 50 to 400 mg.

Notes on the protocol: None.

Materials Required


One of these Bullet Blenders

  • Bullet Blender 5 Storm (BBY5M)


None required

Bead choices

  • 11 mm stainless steel beads (SSB110) use 1 beads


  1. Place the bead on top of the sample in the tube.
  2. Close the tubes tightly and place them in the Bullet Blender.
  3. Set the controls for Speed 10 and Time 5. Press Start.
  4. After the run, remove the tubes from the instrument and visually inspect the samples. If homogenization is incomplete, repeat the homogenization step at a higher speed.
  5. Proceed with your downstream application.