Powdered compounds
Bullet Blender® homogenization protocol

  • Extract molecules (DNA, RNA, protein, chemicals)
  • Wet final product
  • Sample sizes: up to 300 mg.

Notes on the protocol: Particle size will depend on length of homogenization. In the cited study, particles were 1041 nm after 15 min. and 505 nm after 30.

Materials Required


One of these Bullet Blenders

  • Bullet Blender (BBX24)
  • Bullet Blender Blue (BBX24B)
  • Bullet Blender Storm 24 (BBY24M)
  • Bullet Blender 24 Gold (BB24-AU)


Homogenization buffer
1 x volume of sample

Bead choices


  1. Mix the powdered compound with the desired buffer.
  2. Combine with an equal volume of beads.
  3. Close the tubes tightly and place them in the Bullet Blender.
  4. Set the controls for Speed 10 and Time 5. Press Start.
  5. Continue homogenizing and testing until the particles have been wet-milled to the desired size.
  6. Proceed with your downstream application.